Superfoods that help children study better


With exams approaching, children spend most of their day studying and revising while mothers visit grocery stores to stock-up on foods and snacks that satisfy their child’s hunger pangs. Although we tend to feed healthy snacks to our kids, there are a few snacks which are healthier – some are memory boosters while others help us focus better. Here are few such magic snacks you could bring home to help your child fare better in exams.

itemmom-superfoods-kids-image-1Blueberries: Known to boost concentration and memory for up to five hours while the antioxidants present in Blueberries stimulate the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain keeping the mind fresh. They also help our brain from degeneration and stress.

Avocados: Loaded with fibre, avocados keep hunger pangs at bay while improving cognitive function, especially memory and concentration.

Green Leafy Vegetables: Rich in antioxidants and carotenoids, these veggies boost brain power while their high content of B-vitamins help memory and focus. These also contain folic acid which improves mental quality.


itemmom-superfoods-kids-image-2Beetroot: Helping rid your blood of toxins, beetroot boosts blood flow to the brain helping with mental performance and energy levels.

Fatty Fish: Omega 3 fatty acids in fish aid memory, mental performance and behavioural function. Deficiency of which causes mood swings, poor memory, depression and fatigue.

Broccoli: Vitamin K and choline helps to keep your memory sharp while its high fibre content keeps children satisfied for long – not to the mention the yummy taste!




Dark Chocolate: The small amount of caffeine in dark chocolate is known to heighten mental alertness while its magnesium content helps de-stress while stimulating endorphins and serotonin which improves our mood with the ‘feel good’ effect. Dark chocolate in smaller doses can significantly boost focus. Darker the chocolate, more the benefits!

Walnuts: Known to improve our cognitive health, munching on a few walnuts every day improves mental alertness while protecting against memory loss.

Turmeric: Adding a pinch of turmeric to your food everyday helps boost antioxidant levels, keeping our immune system healthy, while improving the brain’s oxygen intake, keeping our children alert and able to process information better.

Egg Yolks: The large amounts of choline in egg yolk helps brain development right since your child’s foetal stage and is also known to break down bethane, a chemical that produces the ‘happiness hormones’.

itemmom-superfoods-kids-image-4Bone Broth: Full of health benefits, bone broth is known to improve immunity and memory while helping children overcome sickness or stress.

Coconut Oil: A complete health tonic, consuming coconut oil has many advantages. Apart from being naturally anti-inflammatory, coconut oil boosts memory and sharpness.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Best served at room temperature (over salads/ noodles) the Extra Virgin Olive Oil improves learning and focus in students apart from keeping their hair and skin healthy.

Rosemary: Carnosic acid in Rosemary helps the brain from neurodegeneration and helps protect the brain against chemical free radicals and it greatly protects the eyesight as well.

Water: Make sure your child drinks enough water to improve focus. Water supplies energy for all brain functions and helps us with a faster thought process and a stronger memory. Students notice heightened focus and faster thinking right after a water-break.water


  1. Nandini Rai says:

    I made a beet, carrot and avocado smoothie for my girl after a tutorial from ‘Youtube’ and I added whipped cream in it. She loved it!

  2. Rhea D'Souza says:

    My kids are so annoying that unless i make them a yummy recipe, they will not put more of these things in their mouth… Although fish they like….

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