Stylish summer-wear for moms

The best part about being a woman is choices. It doesn’t matter if you are tall, short, petite or curvy; there is a cut and fabric for every beauty and a trend for every season.

1Comfort is the key factor, no matter what the season or occasion is. It is OK to follow trends, but only if the trend suits your situation. It is very tempting to wear light-weight and breezy sarees in lovely pastels. But if you are a new mom, it might be more comfortable to wear a salwar or churidar-kurta made out of those same materials.

2aAt home, a long, loose t-shirt with 3/4th tights or shorts is the best choice for most women. If this is not possible, there is always the option to wear a cotton house coat over it. Or wear loose cotton nighties on a regular day when you don’t expect any guests. If you are expecting a casual visit from someone, change into calf-length capris and a light and breezy top. Or calf-length tights with knee length cotton kurta. These could also become your go-to styles when you step out for minor chores, or to pick up the kids from school or classes. Add a pair of comfy flats in bright pop colors. It will add balance to the outfit and make you stand out. 2c

3For work, light pants in pastel shades like beige and white could be teamed with cotton, crepe or linen tops. Sleeveless tops or ones with cap sleeves, loose but frilly sleeves and wide necks are best. Choose a top which highlights your best assets. If you have a small waist, choose clothing which would accentuate it. If you are top heavy, wear wide necks and “V” necks in solid colors. Choose prints which are spread evenly over the top or kurta. Attitude t-shirts are best avoided as they draw more attention towards the torso.

4Jumpsuits have been in trend since long and they look very comfortable. But it is a tricky fashion to carry off. Full length jumpsuits work if you are either tall or if you are petite. A little extra weight here or there and this garment could accentuate it instead of covering it. Knee length jumpsuit is perfect if you are short with thin legs. It hides heavy thighs like magic! A spaghetti jumpsuit paired with a short-sleeved net or lace shrug could add oomph to your summer look.

5Denims are every person’s favorite! Whether you are a woman or a man; young or old or teen-between! We all love our jeans.
2This fabric is comfortable and suits every weather and body type. Denim shorts paired with white tees or shirts are best. If you have the legs to flaunt, go for hot pants or mid-thigh length shorts. If you have heavy thighs, choose a pair which is knee-length and loose. If shorts are not your thing, there are capris or 3/4th pants. The regular full-length jeans could be folded up to calf length for those beach outings with family.

There is a new trend of mother-daughter matching dresses. You could either get them online, ready-made or catch hold of your trusted tailor! Decide on a pattern and style of your dresses and length of material needed. Get the dresses stitched for yourself and your mini-me. If you have a boy, choose his clothes in a similar colour scheme to yours. Start getting click-happy and make daddy take those cute and cuddly matching pictures!6 6a










7Sarees is another versatile garment. Sarees are available in fabrics for every climate. Cottons are again a go-to fabric for most women during summer. But if you are like me and want more options, try light weight sarees of crepe and chiffon or georgette. Choose pastels and light shades of reds, pinks, greens, blues and yellows. There are quite a few online tutorials to drape this traditional garment with a modern and quirky twist. Stitch a low back blouse with short sleeves in latest cuts. Keep the matching blouse for family functions and weddings etc. For a brunch with your girlfriends or a day out with the hubby and kids, wear a blouse which contrasts with the saree colour and fabric. E.g., pair a plain chiffon saree with a brocade blouse.

Wear the right accessories and carry a sturdy bag. Keep a few basic bags which could go with most of your wardrobe. Same applies to footwear. It is the season for open sandals and bright colors. Get a cool pair of shades in a style which flatters your face shape and compliment most of your outfits.

Your skin should be equally pampered with the right type of sunscreen. Gel sunscreens are easily available now and are the best bet compared to the greasy, heavy ones.

Be happy in your own skin and what you wear would just reflect this inner happiness. Stay stylish and enjoy those tall coolers!

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