Pehredaar Piya Ki — Regression In Top Glory!!!

So you know the ads that you are force-fed before some desired Youtube videos that you are ready to watch… well once such ad was of Sony’s new  show Pehredaar Piya Ki

I could not be more speechless looking at the trailer. I mean c’mon guys… this show seemed to include everything that is wrong with our television and some more.  For those who are fortunate enough not to encounter any snippets of this show, this is a show about a 10 year old kid married to a 18 year old girl.

However, I tried to forget about its existance and continue with my life, and I was almost successful until few days ago when I read that the show was on air and someone had commented on the stupidity of the content.  Just as curiosity killed the cat, I was killed when I decided to watch the 1st episode just to check how bad could it be.

I mean it could not be worse… the kid protagonist (Prince of some district in Rajasthan) falls head-over-heals in love with a woman who is old enough to be his oldest sister. As the episode continued I wondered how  the Network is allowing something as regressive as this show to be aired.

The kid (Ratan is his name) stalks our leading lady (Diya) and photographs her without her knowledge and consent.  Realistically speaking, a kid might have a crush on an older person, but glorifying it to make it into a show is a bit much. By the end of the show he grabs her duppatta and proposes marriage to her… I do not have the stomach to watch anymore episodes of this show.

Many have talked about this cringeworthy show… Look for yourself





All I am saying is that our Indian Television’s content has gone from bad to worse and it seems there is a competition to see which one can stoop the lowest. The show is claiming not to promote child marriage. However, the point remains that a large part of their target audience may not understand that and believe in whatever they are showing. It is a Prime Time show which means the entire family, including children of impressionable age, would be watching this, who may end up considering his as an acceptable form of behavior. Being a large Network they should take care of what they telecast or not.


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