PDA in Front of Kids – Yay or Nay?

Public Display of Affection or PDA as its popularly abbreviated version is a tacky subject to deal with when it comes to kids.

Completely avoiding or overdoing PDA in front of kids can have diverse effects on their mind.

So PDA in front of kids should have some ground rules. It is important that children see the love between mom and dad and feel secure about it and learn the importance of physical affection in a relationship.

Complete avoidance develops a complex among children and unhealthy notions about physicality or PDA among kids. So it can be done discretely avoiding sexual overtones.

Few pointers noted below;parents-showing-PDA-image

  1. Mummy daddy hugging each other
  2. Giving each other a peck on the cheeks or lips
  3. Cuddling on couch and letting kid to join in
  4. Group hugs and with kid
  5. Holding hands while walking
  6. Slow dancing between the parents


These PDA gestures not only give a healthy message of love and security in a mom and dad and child relationship but also set the undertones of publicly accepted physical behavior and ways of expressing ones love respectfully without hurting anyone’s sentiments around or getting unwanted reactions from kids and instilling stable and not distorted ideas of physical affection.

So practice healthy PDA in front of kids from day one and imbibe healthy ideas of physical affection among them so they are secure about themselves and our relations.




Image courtesy – http://aajtak.intoday.in (main image) Indian Express, Pinterest

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