Parents Interview for Pre-School Admissions!!!

You have found the perfect pre-school for your little munchkin! Congratulations!!! Now the 2nd and the most unnerving part – Parents interview for admission!!! Gone are the days when the acumen of the child was good enough to secure her a seat  in the school; now school managements insist on determining the mindset of the parents as well. Hence it has become a joint effort between the child and the parents to crack the interview.

Research always helps, so ask around the parents of children who already go to the same school so that you have a frame of reference.

Be true to yourself and the interviewer with all the answers. Projecting an incorrect idea about you and the family may eventually land your child in a sticky situation.

Team ItemMom did some research on their own by interviewing parents and came up with these basic questions for your assistance. Hope this helps!!!

  1. What are your educational & professional qualifications?
  2. How is the environment at home? (For example – how is the relationship between parents? Are there frequent arguments? Are grandparents or other relatives in the picture of child rearing on a regular basis? Etc)
  3. If both parents are working, how are things coordinated at home related to school timings, after school schedules, spending time with the child?
  4. How have you prepared your child for this interview?
  5. How do you reprimand your child when needed?
  6. Is your child potty trained?
  7. Is she/he a fussy eater? If yes, how do you deal with it?
  8. Does the child have any illnesses & is the vaccination schedule up to date?
  9. Does the child have a habit of hitting, scratching or biting other kids?
  10. Is your child socially active or awkward?
  11. During her play time, does she choose an activity or you choose it for her? If you choose it, then why?

Be confident and be honest! Best wishes for the admission process!!!

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