Parents are telling these to kids nowadays before they start driving!!!


When Kids are no longer children but ‘certified adults’, it is the duty of every parent to help them become independent. Just as being street-smart is important, being able to drive and ride a vehicle is a huge plus point too.

Many parents send their children to driving schools to take lessons and acquire a License, yet there are a few tips which are not necessarily taught there but which we are just about to talk of here:

  1. Cell Phone Usage: Let your kid know the hazards of using a cell-phone while driving and make sure it is kept away even while at signals. If an important call needs to be answered back, the vehicle should be pulled over on the side before attempting the call, checking messages and even for using the GPS system.No_Drinking_and_Driving
  2. Driving with Friends: Make sure you know where they are heading, who the friends are and the friend’s parents are aware of it. There should be at least one other person with them who knows to drive and at no point should they drive under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication.
  3. Whereabouts: Your child must inform you when she/ he is about to leave or reaches the destination and also of the change in plans, if any.
  4. accidents_and_emergencies_imageAccident and Emergencies: Let your child know how to handle situations. When to remain seated in the car, when to contact the police, when to call the Tow-Truck etc. Go through the Insurance papers and vehicle registration documents with him and let him know where they are kept. Your and the Doctor’s contact details should be easily visible in the car and the car’s First-Aid Kit is properly replenished.
  5. Police Check: Explain how to pullover safely if police need to stop the vehicle for any reason. He should always carry his License and Car documents for verification.
  6. Warning Lights: Brief your child through all the warning lights on the console so that he will know the issue when one lights up. Teach him to change the tyres and replace coolant and water.
  7. Oil Change: Your kid must know how to check the oil level and to add oil if needed. He should know which oil the car takes, how often the oil needs to be changed and when the next change is due.
  8. Car Battery: Make sure your kid develops the habit of getting the car and battery serviced regularly at authorised service stations only. Teach him how to use the Jumper cables in case of a breakdown and make sure to keep a set in the car.
  9. Tire Maintenance: Teach your child to check tyre treads for wear and to use an air-pump. He should be able to read the tire pressure correctly and know of wheel damage.
  10. Cleanliness: Explain the importance of keeping the car clean. Side-view and rear-view mirrors, windshield and all window-glasses must be clean and so should the car interiors be.








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