Organising House Parties Like A Pro…

Organising House Parties Like A Pro…

Many of us have guests sometimes we know them, sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we invite them for the first time like new colleagues or new building neighbours just for social networking or making them comfortable around the new place or vice versa.


The first ground rule that should be followed is to find out if they are vegan/vegetarian or if they prefer vegetarian food on particular days. Many guests don’t make it obvious. Now once I had two colleagues from the same office whom I had just come to acquaint with but thankfully they knew each other since long and both were vegetarian but one of them was completely off underground veggies (no garlic, potatoes, onions, etc) so thankfully the other colleagues wife was gracious enough to let me know that and I was well prepared.

Once it so happened my hubby invited someone but did not bother to enquire as we assumed that they were always feeding us non veg. It never occurred to us that they too had their vegetarian only days. Had to order from out. So now to be on the safe side, we always keep starters to main course both vegetarian and non vegetarian options.

Be very open while inviting about finding out preferences & allergies. Especially if kids involved then check if any separate hypoallergenic menu or food is needed. Don’t overdo like too many starters or too many main course dishes or too many deserts. It is not a wedding. Just two options in main course and starters with a desert will do.

Keep the crockery ready and always make extra food – it’s better to have leftovers than fall short on food.
Keep some games handy to make it fun. It doesn’t have to always only be about food and gossip. Pictionary, Tambola, Taboo, Dumb Charades, etc are a few lovely games that will keep the gathering alive.
Make sure you have enough toys and games for the kids in their own room so they and the adults are all at peace.

hiring-a-bar-tenderIf drinks are on the menu, then try to hire a bar tender so you are free to attend the guest. May be  even hire a serving maid or two for the night if it’s a huge gathering, after all the lady of the house needs to put her feet down and enjoy her own house party too. It’s tiring organising a party as well.
Keep the food and drinks flowing with a in between check on the stock in the kitchen to see if anything needs attention.
Always have a backup plan that if not at home then some nearby restaurant and if in case you fall short of any food items or drinks, then which is the best place to order more. Keep the numbers and menu handy.

So are you up for organising a house party and being the host with the most?

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