Mommy’s Little Helpers!

Mommy’s Little Helpers! 


Do you make your child do household chores? Of course not the back breaking kinds, only the simple day to day tasks; like…

  • p_101512107Helping mommy arrange the pillows and bed
  • Keeping away the toys  in place
  • Putting their dirty dishes in sink
  • Putting their shoes in rack
  • Stirring batter for pancakes or cake
  • Putting clothes in the washing machine

These are a few chores the toddlers are able to do without making a mess. I myself involve my daughter in these things. All kids irrespective of whether boy or girl should be given small tasks to

There are contradicting views saying they are too young for these things, why burden their tender shoulders. It is not an exercise in delegating work, it is an activity to make them independent and driving the importance of self-sufficiency home.

Children grasp things fast so if we give them small chores, it teaches them things like De-cluttering, keeping things neat and putting things away once work or play is done.

Doing things with own hands makes them aware of their motor senses, decision making and organising. These little things make a big impact on their impressionable minds.

Your little helper will be glad to assist mummy in keeping the house neat and also children take pride in doing things independently. It gives a huge boost to their self confidence.

Let them try, let them fall, let them rise and conquer it all.

So are you ready let your happy little helper assist you?



  1. kajari guha says:

    Inspired by the post! Would love to implement them!

  2. Preet Kapoor says:

    My toddler helps me putting his clothes in the laundry bag and keeping his toys back in its place after he is done playing. We call it the “tag team time” because we do it together…

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