With #MeToo movement catching on like wildfire, I thought it was only prudent to note a few words on the matter. As a woman, I fathom the need of such a movement rather well and applaud these fierce ladies for coming out and demanding justice for the gross misconduct of the culprits.

Also, having said that, I completely agree with what Sandhya Mridul had tweeted the other day.



This is a true war for Justice and while most are fighting for the truth to come out, quite a few are using this as a medium for a personal vendetta. Not cool people… NOT COOl!!!! Also, we need to understand the severity of the situation before we raise our voices for justice. Every action is not sexual assault.




Getting back to the topic at hand; being an Indian woman has its own pride, but along with it comes a promise to every young girl that she WILL be harassed no matter who she is. Whether it is a random guy walking on the road, or a relative, or a friend, or anyone for that matter, will say something dirty, uncalled for, or body shame her.  She will be made to feel ugly, low on self-confidence and left questioning her self-worth at one of time in her life or other. But hey… it’s alright because that’s how the men are brought up in this country because apparently “men will be men” and the rest of us might as well go to Hell.

With the number of perps outed in this #MeToo movement, it is rather evident that most men in power cannot hold it in their pants. It is also true that how one rotten apple spoils the rest in the basket, because of a bunch of such douchebags, the entire men community gets a bad rep.

However, much as I feel bad for them, I feel worst for my kind, because we have to be on our toes every single day irrespective of whether we are out, at work or even at home. Rampant treading on woman’s rights and freedom is so common everywhere that people do not even bat an eyelid when that happens anymore.

I have few questions for the scums of the universe who like to prey on others…

  • Does being rude and nasty to women increase the size of your ego and your genitals?
  • Are you so worthless that you cannot find anyone who is actually into you and want to have carnal relationships, that you have to force your way around the hapless people?
  • Are you feeling awesome about yourself now that the entire world knows what kind of dirtbag you are?

Many people are somehow of the view that many are speaking out after so many years is not for justice but for publicity. When I say ‘people’ I mean women too. This, I believe, is unfair. There may be many reasons for a person to silent for a number of years and then speak up. Even our Women and Child Welfare Minister Maneka Gandhi states that there is no time limit for reporting a sexual harassment case.


I am glad that the #MeToo campaign is rapidly catching on and hope that people understand the implications of such heinous acts and beware.

Although I write this from a woman’s point of view, I understand and acknowledge the fact that women are not the ONLY victims here; it is also known that men and people identifying with other genders have also been victims of such travesty.

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