Making A Difference… One Plant At A Time!!!

While we still do not know if Donald Trump aka POTUS has changed his ludicrous views on climate change, considering he is seeking re-entry in the Paris climate change accord, with new terms of course. We know one thing for sure that Global Warming is no hoax, it is happening right in front of us, looming over the human civilization like one giant monster who would breath fire any minute. Our Global temperature has risen by 1.7 degrees F since 1880 and we have recorded 16 of the 17 warmest years since 2001. NASA Climate change knows for a fact that Carbon dioxide is the highest on Earth at this moment in the 650,000 years. It is now that we do something.

We can as humans not go back to pre-industrialization era in all practicality though that seems like a very romantic and noble sentiment. We can however reduce our carbon footprint and curb any unnecessary wastage of resources. Although all this seems easier said than done!  Simple things like reducing use of plastics even as bags, glasses, straws etc would do good.

Deforestation if one of the major threats to the environment that we face today.. According to WWF, some 46-58 thousand square miles of forest are lost each year—equivalent to 48 football fields every minute. We know that trees and green patches are vital to our survival. One of the major contributions that we can make to the environment is to plant new trees. We are, collectively, at this moment consuming more than we are planting, to urbanize lands; we are also losing urban green patches, destroying the basis of the dynamics of earth.

Schools can play a vital role in teaching children about plantation; children can start from learning about planting trees. To be taken on field trips to do so. Not only schools but parents can also be a huge part of this by initiating such drives. These drives can be taken up at the school, society or friend circle level.

Satish Vijaykumar, Co-Founder Sapling Project, emphasizes, world-environment-day-image“Climate Change is for Real, its time everyone took cognizance of the damage on our environment. We all want clean air and pollution free atmosphere for our Children, Let’s not wait for others to take action for the well being of our Children.” He tells us how we can do our bit for the environment, “Let’s do something really simple, Plant a Sapling whenever there’s a Birthday in your Family, ideally in your building or garden nearby where you can monitor and nurture them. A Decent size Mango/Gul Mohar/Rain Tree will cost less than a Happy Meal and will be with you for your Lifetime. Sapling is a small thing but when people and family come together great things happen.”

Lets pledge today, not only because it is the World Environment Day, but for everyday for our lifetime, to be courteous towards our environment. To save and recycle whenever we can. And yes, let’s plant saplings.



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