Maa – My Superhero!!!

I never really celebrated the concept of mother’s day because a mother is an entity who ought to be celebrated every day for her immense sacrifices and efforts which she puts in to at least create a human out of a lump of flesh. Like all other mothers, my mother too had her share of sacrifices in making me whatever I am today.

When I asked my mother that have I done anything special for her as yet? Her obtuse reply really made my eyes moist…”you make me proud every day”….

Yes, I was born in an environment where barring just few people, nobody was happy. It was my father, my mother and my maternal grandparents who adored, cajoled and pampered me and spoilt me silly. It was since then that my ma had promised herself that one day she will make a man out of a woman—or rather a woman whom the men shall even look up to.

Today, she witnesses me juggling through my personal and professional life, performing well professionally, taking care of my daughter, travelling solo, braving the world, managing household jobs, and in fact the simplest of her fascination of men working under her daughter’s command has also been fulfilled.

So being a single mother of a daughter myself, I can perhaps understand her apprehensions and the pride she takes and her statement and this is my humble tribute to her; the iron lady in my life who taught me three golden words–Never Give Up.

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