Let’s talk about Sex, Baby!


We are writing this article for all the super dads there. So if your wife has recommended you read this or you have somehow stumbled upon this article then it’s time we discuss some sex.

A lot of couples find it difficult to reintroduce physical intimacy after welcoming their child into this world. A world of caution to the men, if your wife isn’t jumping your bones the moment you get your little bundle of joy home so please understand that in the initial days after childbirth her priorities have changed. The primal instinct of a woman would be to protect and nurture the child immediately after childbirth. She isn’t physically and emotionally ready to jump in the sack and make merry just yet.

Here are some of the tried and tested ways wherein you can ease your wife into sex again:

  • Talk to her – “ just trying to jump her won’t get you anywhere so the first is to talk to her and understand if she is ready to make love yet.
  • Make her feel sexy – “ Childbirth does a lot to the woman’s body. Not only are the hormones playing a havoc (yes, even post-partum hormone dip) in her body. She may just not feel as confident of her body as she did before childbirth. Foreplay starts much before you even enter the bedroom. So warm her up with your compliments and make her feel confident.
  • Try different options -“ We are from the land of Kamasutra, so you definitely can figure out different things to do to pleasure your partner. Take it slowly. Enjoy each other’s bodies, and plenty of foreplay, without expecting it to lead to penetrative sex.
  • Get her thoughtful gifts – “ By that dear husbands, we don’t mean buy her expensive, burning-a-hole-in-your-pocket gifts. What we mean here is get her some chocolates, her favorite ice cream, a rose or something small but significant enough to show that you care.

What we are trying to say here is Dear Mr. Daddy, give your partner the time she needs to heal emotionally and physically from childbirth while letting her know that you still desire her.  Soon enough she will be ready to jump you for some love making.

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