Lazy Girl Issues!

Just stuck to the bed staring at the ceiling aimlessly. Ignoring and hitting the snooze on the alarm. Deciding in my head whether “to be or not be”, simply put the morning struggle to get my royal behind off the bed and deciding to be one with the crowd.

On some days deciding to go to work is like one giant earth-shattering decision. The very next minute getting to human state from a zombie one is another herculean task.

When will they invent a button to just do it all sitting at one place enjoying one’s idyllic life without a worry to care, away from the daily hullabaloo.

Who recalls trying to get everything lying down from a couch or sofa by just extending an arm or leg and trying to grasp it and in the process and pulling a muscle. Height of laziness and price paid for being such a dimwit!!!

Avoiding to get up and answer the door bell or phone and delegating it to a mom, brother, sister, cousin, kid, husband or whosoever is up for the task as long as you don’t have to lift yourself up to do the said job.

Ardent lover of doing nothing but surfing the net for hours whenever given a chance and chatting hours on end with that one bestie whom you talk so much on the phone with but never talk so much in person.

When you have a dedicated side table to keep all things vital close at an arm’s length so as to not have to make any kind of bodily movements to drink a sip of water or get a quick bite of snack or simply just surf channels on the television blissfully.

So here is the lazy girl’s guide to just chilling and letting her hair down & expecting things to just get done by themselves. So, what’s your laziness quotient?

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