Keeping Life Simple & finding zen!


Between work, home and social expectations feeling a little stretched is normal. So the question is what we do about it!  Hoping that by going with the flow, the issues will go away eventually is never going to happen.  We need to understand what we exactly want from life and work towards achieving it!

For me, I want my life simple. No drama, no kitchen politics, no screaming match with the family or no unnecessary complications.  I have also realized that looking for answers everywhere for my inner turmoil will be of zero assistance. So I created a Dexter-ish code for my daily life and sanity.

  • Not taking me for granted. I can expect people to respect me only if I treat me well and respect myself.
  • Working Hard so that all my achievements are well deserved and not a charity case
  • Being Kind to the needy; for me it is easy to be nice to animals. For humans my code dictates that I, at the least do not say or do anything unkind to people if I am at a loss of kind words or gestures.
  • Unlike my younger self, I don’t have much expectation from anyone for that matter. Whatever I get is a surprise and I am thankful for it.
  • Appreciating smallest of all goodness! Seems like a cliche but it is 100% true; if I can find happiness in small things, I do not need to remain grumpy waiting for a humongous thing to happen for me to rejoice.
  • Unwinding before going off to sleep and taking ample rest; I make sure don’t go to bed angry or stressed. I’d watch a TV show or read some chapters of a book so that my head is absolutely relaxed when I retire for the night.


Each of us must find our own zen and attain our own nirvana! Only once we are satisfied with ourselves, can we engage others in our positive outlook.

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