It’s true!!! Sex is important for women too!!!

India is eons away from a female sexual revolution. We need to still get our wits about Feminism and the right definition of it. We need to still understand that sexual crimes against women are just ‘heinous crimes’ and nothing to do with a woman’s character, dressing etc.

A woman’s sexuality is non-existent for us because ‘sex’ is something women ‘oblige’ their husbands with. However, for the said ‘husbands’ they are just sexless being with no sexual inclinations or desires. For some women, even of my generation, sadly, sex is something ‘dirty’. My heart pains when I hear some women talk of sex with disgust like it is just a chore that requires to be fulfilled. I also know of women who are interested in sex but cannot communicate that to their partners because of the millions of apprehensions that they have owing to the very conservative upbringing.

For a movie like ‘Lipstick Under my Burkha’ to make it to theatres India would have to take many steps towards women’s liberation, women’s existence and only then would it be able to identify and then accept women’s ‘sexual’ liberation.  Women are supposed to be too pious to be interested in (dirty) sex. Also, it is only out of duty towards matrimony that a woman indulges in sex, it has nothing to do with her physical pleasure.

Apparently in ancient India, a lot of practices were focused on bringing maximum sexual pleasure to the female partner. It is blurry when these practices got lost and a more misogynic society emerged. In fact, the Ancient Indian society was much open to the needs and ideas of women as equal members of the human race compared to the multitude of invaders that invaded India, the last being the British.  The women were shoved inside the homes, made to be just a homemaker with no aspirations and desires.

Women need to open up and be more vocal about what they want. Sex isn’t a taboo, as was preached by the ‘wise women’ to impressionable girls as they were growing up. Sex is an enjoyable and pleasurable activity between two consenting adults and that’s what it is about. Also, its high time women own their sexuality and leave behind the disapproved thoughts about it.

India needs a revolution, but for that we all have to have one voice, the revolution is not just for owning our sexuality but for owning who we are as humans and having equal status in existence.


  1. Roshni James says:

    Women are treated as grade 2 citizens in most places in our country… now if these women go on talking about the sexuality then there is no tomorrow. Although I do agree with your point in the article.

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