ItemTalks with Neha Tiwari Pandey

Itemmom-post-itemtalks-Neha-Pandey-1Team ItemMom had a chat session with Ms. Neha Pandey, the Director of International Marketing, Asian Institute of Medical Sciences. Other than being a professional superwoman, she is a mom to 2 beautiful children and is a fitness enthusiast.

We discussed various things like her childhood dream, her current work, her family & passion.




Q1. When you were a child, what did you dream of becoming when you grow older?

I think I wanted to be a princess when I was very little, I realized over a period of time that it was a bit unreasonable, so I settled for an aeronautical engineer. An after thought over the year and the constant need to explain what exactly is an aeronautical engineer, I settled for being a model which seemed very glamorous & with my height the appropriate thing. Although I am glad that I finally am making better use of my life in the opportunity handed over to me in my hospital developing international business, still working on the princess part though.

Q2. What would a perfect day constitute for you?

A perfect day has to be on a beach with my family just being me!!

Q3. What does your work at the hospital entails? And what’s the secret to your success?

Medical tourism is a fast growing industry; Asian is a super specialty, state of the art medical facility. We attract a huge number of international patients from various parts of the world. My job is to develop more avenues, promote hospital on different platforms, and hold medical camps in various countries to promote medical tourism, and to ensure a pleasant overall experience of a patient travelling from abroad.

The secret to my success can’t be attributed just to me; it is unprecedented support of my husband & family, my team members & colleagues in the hospital and above  all my father in law Dr NK Pandey, inspiration to millions, who is the man behind Asian Hospital, its his vision that today has taken the shape of a successful hospital. He is my role model, someone who inspires me to no limits. His energy and his aura is admirable.

Q4. Please share with the readers your fitness & beauty regime as you manage to look so gorgeous in spite having so much on your plate?

I don’t consider myself a very fit person, there is a constant endeavor to follow a regular gym routine or go out running which is one of my favorite fitness things to do. Beauty is a state of mind, I think if you are at peace with yourself and are happy & positive you automatically look beautiful. There is enough Gyan on the internet on beauty regimes but for me good face scrub at the end of the day & goodnight sleep does wonders.

Q5. How has motherhood changed your way of life?

I must confess the beauty in being a mother is in the vulnerability, the openness, the sacrifice, the devotion and the hope. Nowhere there are such polar opposite’s flexibility & immovable, anger & love, excitement & frustration, unflinching confidence & growing doubt. Motherhood hasn’t changed me it has made me into a much more responsible & selfless being who is a multi-tasker. Managing work according to children’s schedule, home front & my daily being is a herculean effort but that’s the beauty of being a mother, it teaches you the art of managing a life where the most precious & vulnerable parts of me are running around outside my body every day.

Q6. How do you manage time between your family, work & your passion?

Well! That’s easy I am a super woman!!


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