ItemTalks with Aparna Ramachandra

Aparna Ramchandran_1Mommy on hot seat for this week’s ItemTalks section is Aparna Ramachandra! She is the Founder Director of, which is a pioneer in Credit Repair & Credit advisory services in India. She also is a columnist for Mint and is an avid cyclist and a marathon runner.


So we asked her questions about her work, her passion and her family!




Can you tell us more about Credit Repair and Credit Advisory? Also how does it impact individuals and companies?

In the year 2004 RBI approved an Act called the CICRA Act through which it was made mandatory for all lenders to check the credit history of individuals/borrowers. This meant that all the banks had to submit the loan/credit details of all borrowers to the Credit Bureaus. Hence currently if a company/individual has a poor credit history his new loan applications get rejected the Credit Advisory plays a crucial role.

How and when did you think of starting your own company?

We started in 2010. Economic Times had a Business Idea competition and we took part in it. Part of the contest we got mentored, met mentors etc. We didn’t win so we neither got any publicity nor funding!!! So we decided to boot strap and launched in June 2010

How has the journey been so far? Share with us one particular tough period and how you overcame that obstacle.

It has been an eventful journey so far. Each obstacle when you look back later you realize what an interesting experience it was! Hard work and patience are my mantras to overcome any obstacle.

You are a marathon runner and a cyclist, how do you manage to keep fit for these high energy sport activities?

Exercise/physical fitness is part of my DNA now; it’s no more a chore. People around me tease me as its actually borderline madness!! I devote an hour in the morning on weekdays and on weekends it’s longer. I have had slip discs, spondylitis & frozen shoulder exercise keeps me fit and keep me going through the day.

How do you manage doing so much and being a mother at the same time? What is your support system?

My parents and younger sister are my backbones, without whom I couldn’t have done anything. My mother especially has been a huge support and is always encouraging. My dad is the silent strong factor in my life. Though my sister is younger to me she has taught me a few valuable lessons in life. My son has been extremely supportive and like all moms I die of guilt too

A few lines of encouragement for our readers please

I have always had dreams. So go on and Dream! Whether they turn to reality or not is never to be thought about but you should always dream. And I strongly believe we women especially need tonnes of self confidence. I believe that our self confidence is our biggest asset and let nobody shake that ever. Thirdly end of the day I always say, its OK I made a mistake I am only human. We tend to be very harsh on ourselves which is not fair at all.

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