Isle of Dogs – Review

So… as a part of team dinner and movie, we ended up watching “Isle of Dogs”… and it was an emotional roller-coaster ride. The pet parents amidst us were jubilant after watching the movie and it also sneakily managed to evoke positive emotions from the 2 not-so-dog-lovers of our group.

So here goes Team Itemmom’s review of the movie…


The Story:

The corrupt Mayor, of a fictitious town of Megasaki in Japan, banishes all dogs to a nearby dumping island known as “Trash Island”. All the good boys and good girls of the town, stray and home dogs alike, are exiled there hungry and lonely; left to fend for themselves. Amidst this horror, Atari — a young boy of 12, steps up to save his dog Spots. When he reaches the island, a group of 5 very good doggos help him with the rescue mission. Veteran actors have voiced the characters. Bryan Cranston as the uncrowned leader Chief, Jeff Goldblum as the super cute rumor mongering Husky Duke, Edward Norton as the rational and natural leader Rex, Bob Balaban as the tad dramatic King, Bill Murray as Boss, the school Mascot for a Baseball team and Scarlett Johanson as the Show dog with an attitude Nutmeg… The movie has other huge names too like Tilda Swanson, Yoko Ono, Liev Schreiber and the likes of these.

How Do We Feel About The Movie

Absolutely top notch and fantastic. The best part being the dogs speak English and the humans speak Japanese which we would only understand via a Translator or the Foreign exchange student of the movie. It would seem that we are a part of the doggo clan watching the movie because we understand them, and the rest is an alien language (that is if you do not comprehend Japanese).

The dialogues are witty and yet shows the pain of the abandoned dogs. The stop-motion-animation is wonderful and everything was perfect.

The movie broke our hearts and mended it back. Wes Anderson has already made other fantastic movies and hence we had piled up high expectations when went in and BOY!!!! we were not disappointed!!!


Critics have only good things to say about the movie and Rotton tomatoes gives it an average rating of 8/10 (which is GOOD)

This movie has everything you would want your child to see and understand… the happiness of a child with his dog, the innocence of the dogs and the tenacity of the dogs’ will to survive in the most grueling situations.


So yes… a definite YES!!!! Everyone will enjoy the movie children and adults alike…


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