Internet Trolls Sunny Leone for Adopting A Baby Girl

People can be rather mean these days. Especially, now everyone has access to Social Media, they can hide behind their screens and talk shit about people.

Why I raise this topic suddenly, you may ask? Well… we all know how the actor Sunny Leone and her husband Daniel Weber adopted a girl from Latur last month. The kid was turned down by 11 prospects (Sudhdh Indians with great Culture imbibed in them) before she was taken in by these 2 lovely people.

Sunny and Daniel followed every protocol as laid down by our Govt and adopted their bundle of joy. While some people applauded their decision, many spewed venomous words against them.



Why is it so easy for a person to be so mean and disgusting towards others? Is it some sort of dick measuring contest wherein instead of the size of their dicks they measure who can be more downright appalling?

Few questions to these dreadful people…

  • Are you fulfilling all your social responsibilities?
  • Are you so morally upright that you have the right to insult them based on their work especially when you yourself may have enjoyed their movies at one point of time or the other?
  • Are you decent and compassionate enough to adopt a girl child without bothering about her color, medical history, age or looks?

Internet is powerful and we must be responsible while using it.

On a personal note, I admire the compassion of the couple who adopted this baby girl and gave her hope and the possibility of a bright future!



Image courtesy – (main image), News18 and Indian Express


  1. Eva Kolly says:

    As far, i think they deserve respect for this. People should comment on their present work instead of thinking their past stories. Good work guys. I love to read about Sunny Leone

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