Hush Little Baby…

Our tiny little newborns are unable to communicate but show their displeasure by crying. There are many reasons as to why babies cry but they often cry when in need of care and comfort, and that’s completely natural and normal.
Reasons such as hunger, sleepiness, a soiled or wet nappy, boredom, excessive or sudden wind or noise, feeling too hot or too cold are common reasons for a crying baby.

Just as there are many reasons, there are plenty of solutions to comfort them too. You may try all of the below to know which one of these suits you and your baby the most.
1. Try breast-feeding your little one.
2. Bottle-feed or try giving a sterilized dummy.
3. Hold your baby close to you and gently sway to a tune.
4. Try talking or singing to your baby in a gentle tone.
5. Rock your baby in the pram gently.
6. Take a walk holding your baby close to you.
7. Take a drive with your baby.
8. Switch on light music to soothe your little one.
9. Find some object to distract your baby with.
10. Stroke your baby’s back firmly yet rhythmically.
11. Run a warm bath to soothe them. A tub of lukewarm water may work for some.
12. If the crying persists, contact your Doctor.

Crying During Feeds: Some babies cry while being breast-fed. The most common reason for this is an incorrect feeding position. Ensure you are sitting in a comfortable position and check whether your baby’s body is straight and well supported by your hand. Make sure they are able to tilt their heads back and forth and the nose isn’t being blocked.

If the feeding position is fine and yet your baby cries while feeding, there are chances that something in the milk may be putting them off. Foods and beverages the mother consumes reach the milk within hours, so you may consider staying away from diet drinks and caffeine, dairy and chocolate and spicy or pungent foods and spices.

Constant Crying: If your baby cries constantly, its most probably colic with waves of discomfort. You may want to use the Doctor’s prescription for colic and take a professional opinion if the crying does not stop or if the crying seems different to you as that may signal that your baby is unwell.

Here is a list of situations when you need to rush the baby to your Doctor :

1. Your baby seems week yet the cry is high-pitched and constant.
2. Your baby seems tired when picked up.
3. Consumes less than a third of average daily fluids.
4. Pass less urine than usual.
5. The vomit is green.
6. Blood is passed out in stools.
7. They have a fever.
8. Even if they have a fever, they feel cold.
9. They have a swelling over the head.
10. They have a fit or a stroke.
11. Their neck seems stiff.
12. They have difficulty in breathing or are breathing faster than usual.
13. You hear a grunting sound as they breathe.
14. Your baby develops some kind of a rash.


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