How I Ended Up Having Super Fun on an All Girls’ Vacation With My Friend and My Kid



I was a feeling a tad skeptical while tying the final knot in Rusha’s (my 4 YO) shoes. My second trip with her alone! However, in a way, it’s the first of its kind, as the previous ones were all to relatives’ houses so at least had a safety net somewhere. This trip was different.  This trip was me and my little one, a friend, and her 4 year old daughter. So a jing bang of two naughty munchkins and two (not so ugly) ladies.

The trip turned out to be a helluva more enjoyable than all the trips of my life put together… I mean no men, no parents, and no mental stress. It was pure bliss! We danced to our own tunes wearing yellow stilettos and letting our daughters bask in the glory of new and inexperienced moms. We hogged on burgers and fries while sipping cola and frolicking around without anyone reprimanding them or us over our cumulative monkey business!!!

2018-01-20_10.26.35We had our own system collapses for sure—missed buses, missed shows, slept over meals, ran down the aisle while everyone looked at four of us with utter shock, talked the whole way to Agra, fought with a policeman, slept on the couch, cried the whole night holding each other, remained silent and said nothing while letting our breaths do the talking instead, forgot how to ride a self-operated elevator, spoke to a foreign-national and giggled as we couldn’t understand a word, dropped cookies on the bed, exchanged clothes and wore them, jumped on the bed with our daughters only a little harder and higher than them, tore a few pearl necklaces and shared our sisterhood stories. We forgot for those couple of days and hours that there’s a place called “world” which is so ship-shape. Trust me, Shivani and Gunjavni (my daughter) Parisha (Shiv’s babe) and I shed our pollens and bloomed amidst the torrential wind.

It was only after this trip that we realized that an all girls’ vacation each year is a booster dose for life wherein we can travel carefree, enjoy without any restriction and more important feel better. Many may not feel comfortable with children but the fact is if you expose them to such trips they too learn to handle various facets of life from a tender age including gelling with people.IMG-20180119-WA0005

Well we are all geared up for this year and who knows we may even have a foreign trip soon on the card where our main agenda shall be absorbing eye tonics AKA eyeing good looking men…!!!!




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