Holiday Shenanigans!

Summer or winter break with kids, what should I do? Ain’t going to native country, no budget for foreign holiday and very expensive recreational camps!

So what does one do? How do you keep yourself and the kids entertained? After all, the breaks are for having fun, rejuvenating and replenishing one’s body and soul.


Many things can be done. It’s not that hard. Just need some quick thinking and our dear Google is there to help us find our way.

Explore and find local places like:


They are a nice place to see the artifacts and things of an era gone by. It is always exciting to know the history and origins of the place you are living in.


Zoos are fun for children, especially the kinds where you can see animals up close rather than in cages and enjoy the thrill and the ones where petting and feeding is allowed and not just seeing animals through a glass.


Being close to nature with play areas and sand pit areas around and cycling and just playing ball and goofing around is very therapeutic for your mind and body

Lakes and Ponds

Getting to see the birds and the bees and all the lovely flora and fauna, making a camp fire or barbeque in designated areas can be super fun and adventurous  for the kids and a great family bonding exercise.

Mountains and Hills

Little trekking, exploring the local popular peaks and enjoying the clouds and scenic beauty from the top are a thrill in itself.

Botanical gardens

A place where you not only soak your eyes in the beauty of flowers and cacti and various beautiful things of nature but also gain knowledge about the various plants and environment

Fairs and Indoor and outdoor play parks  

These parks and fairs offering various rides and games and various activities and entertaining shows is also a great outdoor exercise.

Historical forts and other places

Taking the family to historically significant places locally like for example a palace, fort, lighthouse, port and other places act a great way of spending the holiday too



Exploring the local beaches and enjoying the sun, sand and sea is definitely relaxing.

Local malls

Malls have special attractions for children during the holidays like dance shows, circus tricks, magic shows, laser shows, art and craft competitions etc. You should check the timetables and take kids accordingly.


There are many things  to explore locally. So are you going to holiday closer home and explore the local holiday offerings?

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