Help Thy Heart — Part 1

Running after the clock all through the day, adjusting our routines as per other’s schedule – kid’s school, the husband’s work hours, servant’s timings, in-laws visits etc. young mothers have been neglecting themselves and their health in more ways than one making way for stress, blood-pressure and other heart related maladies to affect our lives. It is time we paid attention to the well-being of our heart and help it beat just right!

In this 2 part post, I am sharing a few tips we should inculcate as a part of our routine and make some subtle changes in our lives to help keep a happy and healthy heart.

  1. Know thy family:

We all need to know the history of heart attacks or heart diseases and strokes occurred in our families and we need to discuss these with our doctor as any of these conditions may increase the risk of us developing a cardio-vascular disease. Our doctor is the right person to guide us to a healthy heart and help make any changes in our lifestyle if needed.

  1. Being a social butterfly:

Building a strong social support can help our blood pressure and cardiovascular functions in a positive way while loneliness increases the risk of heart related problems. Joining hobby classes, groups, clubs or volunteering cultivates social connections and helps us find new friends. Staying in touch with old friends and loved ones builds bonds while giving us the advantage of keeping a healthy heart.

  1. Regular off-loading!

Juggling between home and work takes a toll on the mind and body. As stress levels increase, they have a direct impact on the heart, raising our blood pressure. The best way to combat this is to de-stress ourselves. There are many ways we can do so; by yoga and meditation, taking mini-breaks within our schedule, deep-breathing techniques or even a good laugh during the day recharges our mental batteries and reduces stress levels. No wonder it is called a ‘Hearty Laugh’!!

  1. Get moving!

A sedentary life-style is a risk factor for the heart. Exercise is good for fitness and should be a part of our everyday life. Apart from our daily exercises and sport, we must incorporate additional activities in our day-to-day routine which prove beneficial for the well-being of our heart such as taking the stairs instead of the lift and walking for our errands instead of driving. Dancing to our favourite rhythm or working around our daily chores with good, foot-tapping music livens up the mood while giving our hearts a boost. These additional activities make us move around and have their own advantages while keeping our heart beating all fine!

  1. Honour your Limits:

Alcohol and salt in moderation may be good, yet overdoing the two is taboo. A drink a day may be good for the heart yet overdoing so can weaken the heart muscle and cause much more harm than just weight gain! Meanwhile, excessive intake of salt can increase blood pressure. Best is to ditch the salt-shaker and also develop a habit of checking the sodium content of packaged foods. Be it alcohol or salt, sweets or meats – moderation is the keyword for a healthy heart.


To Be Continued…


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