Going Mental!

No! don’t get me wrong I’m not about to declare myself crazy though those who know me from close quarters might disagree. Yes you can laugh at my expense, joking about yourself is definitely a sign of a healthy mind.

itemmom-going-mentalWe are so stressed only about physical health, but the body outputs what the mind inputs.

So what is it about mental well being that we all tend to overlook and suffer various kinds of complex psychological issues like depression, anxiety, inferiority complex etc? There are many bodily manifestations of these psychological issues like anorexia, Bulimia, addiction, etc.

So if my body needs healthy food to remain supple and function smoothly.  What is the healthy food one should intake to have a healthy mind?


There are many things one can do for the upkeep of mental health. Few major ones I have taken up below.

  1. Follow a hobby, it can be anything from photography, sports, dance, paint, kitty parties or animal petting farms. Anything that relieves the tight strung nerves and keeps your mind away from your daily problems. Cultivate a passion and see what wonders it does to your mind.
  1. Watch stand up comedy shows, this one you might find odd but I have realised that watching these shows and having a hearty laugh makes you feel lighter and refreshes your mood.  This I can say from personal experience. Go watch a comedy movie or show or a stand up and laugh your stress out of your system.
  1. Communicate, even if it’s difficult, still talk. Don’t clamp up. Though I blog and have a lot of virtual and social media groups.  As a person I’m an introvert. Though I talk and speak my mind, but given a chance, I would rather just stay by myself. So communicating through talking, writing, etc lets out a lot of stress.
  1. Pets are the universal therapy for mental health except for any allergies. They teach you a lot and love you unconditionally and many might agree that especially dogs are all about selfless love.  Having a pet is very therapeutic. Old people, kids, ex-service men, you name it and dogs have saved many an individual from a mental breakdown.
  1. Holiday, take a vacation to an unknown place.  Try out new things and cuisines and if you  are the extra courageous then go in for adventure sports like scuba diving, bungee jumping, paragliding it gives a thrill and the mind is set free to fly in happiness.
  1. Read, take out time to read anything just to refresh and nourish your grey cells. Brush up on any topic under the sun. Sit with your cuppa or whatever drinks you fancy and exercise your mind.
  1. Play board games and outdoor games. Board games like chess, scrabble, ludo, monopoly, snakes and ladders, Taboo,  Playing cards may sound old fashioned but they definitely  get your grey cells excited and active and act as oiling to your creaky brain parts. Outdoor games like any sport be  it tennis, basket ball, throw-ball, running etc benefit both body and mind.
  1. Play with kids, yes a few might not want but try, see how you go back to laughing like a 4 year old and being silly just got more therapeutic and detoxing for your mental health.
  1. Meditate and spend time to reflect, re-adjust, re-focus and rejuvenate. A little settling back didn’t harm any progress chart. Helps you stay focussed and mentally sharp.
  1. Let go of things that are beyond control. Let things take their course. Let bygones be bygones. Forward is the only way and mentally that’s the best way. Failures are stepping stones to success, they show that you tried. So don’t let it be your only truth. There are lot more things to do and achieve in life than just give up after one set back.

going-mental-itemmomSo these are some small tips to keep spirits high and positive. Many things and more can be done. Everyone has a different view.

So what’s your secret ingredient for being mentally healthy?



Image courtesy – https://www.shaw-trust.org.uk/ (main image), Pinterest (inside image)


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