Getting Over a BAD Breakup

Well… you guys broke up because things were not hunky dory in your love life…  yet breaking up has a dramatic effect on your mind, body and soul!!!! You can either go on a downward spiral & make a mess of things OR you can do these…

Cut off all communications


NO! You cannot remain good friends immediately after a breakup.  You need time to process your grief and get emotional clarity. All communications mean ALL COMMUNICATIONS… email, text, call, social media, communicating through common friends, asking how is the ex-partner doing… everything.

Allow yourself to feel


It is obvious that you are missing the person and want to bawl your eyes out but everyone keeps on saying “don’t cry”….  Please don’t repress your feelings, otherwise you might just burst out at the most inopportune moment and things will become weird! Cry, punch or kick the s#@t out of the punching bag (if you are into that kind of workout) or simply scream your lungs out in an empty space.

Don’t let yourself go


Yes you are upset, yes you have cried so much that you forgot to change clothes or take bath for a few days; it becomes so easy to let yourself go…  but remember you don’t want your ex-partner to think he/she still has a grip on you!!! Start a rigorous workout routine and take the effort to look fresh and presentable.  It is simple, if you look & smell good you feel good!!!

Do not drink alone


Giving in to alcohol is a huge no –no because then the drunken text or a drunken call with lots of grovelling might follow! However, if you think you’d die if you don’t drink then do not do it alone. Call your close buddies for the session and KEEP YOUR PHONE AWAY…

Spend time with Friends


You’d be tempted to sit alone in a dark corner listening to love ballads and live like a castaway shooing friends and family away… but DON’T!!! They are your well wishers so bring them close and be with them. They will help you get over this misery of yours.


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