Full time working moms are humans too..

Gone are the days when being a mother only meant cooking, caring and cleaning. Moms today are capable of handling much more than household chores, looking after children etc. while managing well on the work front. There is hardly anything these Superwomen lack yet there are these little things that can be of a huge help. Remember, these may or may not be their expectations!

  1. She wakes you all up, packs your tiffin, makes you ready to tackle the day – at school or your work place and maybe then, sits down for her cup of tea. Give her those ten minutes! She too needs to start her day.
  2. When you leave for the day, don’t just hurry up to your school bus or rush to the car. Hug her for adding one more beautiful morning to your life! It works wonders.
  3. Targets and deadlines and amidst a hundred phone calls the thought of her kids having reached home safe is always on her mind. Don’t wait for her to call you, instead call her yourself. Tell her how yummy the food she packed was, ask her what lunch she had. Care for her!
  4. She divides her day skilfully between office and home. At times, she may catch up with friends. Yet, the special time she shares with her husband is what she always looks forward to. Surprise her once in a while with movie tickets, a dinner date or a long drive. She deserves it, you know?!
  5. Just as she needs you to take her out, she needs you to help her around the house as well; and it’s not about plumbing or playing electrician. Lay the dinner table or help around with the dishes, take the children’s studies or make the bed. You got nothing to lose but will win her heart every time you do so!s
  6. Going to work every single day, then coming home to more work stresses her out. What she needs is a relaxed evening, so once in a while arrange to play soft music or her favourite movies or have a fun family story time together.
  7. After a week of hard work, don’t let her spend the weekend grocery shopping on her own. Go with her, help her choose products and help carry the bags around.
  8. Arrange short trips and vacations as they not only are great stress busters but will be your best holiday memories or romantic escapades.
  9. Bring her flowers sometimes, sometimes chocolates. It’s not about teenage love but more about appreciation. Your simplest gesture or a word of appreciation will not only lift her spirits but make her love you more.
  10. One very important thing that every working mother needs is her family’s understanding. Understanding towards her stress levels owing to a hard day, understanding not to make an issue if she is unable to or misses out on doing a particular task someday. Understanding that their smallest help is of great importance to her. Understanding that she too has likes and dislikes, maybe about what’s being cooked. Understanding that her wanting a positive atmosphere at home is most vital for all. And the most important of all, understanding that although she is a multitasking Superwoman, it is your support that matters most to her.

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