Food to avoid during summers

With the advent of summer, we must understand that excessive heat and humidity puts the human body under lot of stress and exhaustion. The food and drink that we consume during this time is going to play a vital role to help us survive the heat wave.

Few points to remember

  • Regular food habits must be replaced with friendly summer foods
  • Drink as much water as possible, you must remain hydrated at all times.
  • Also, eat fruits that are cold and juicy. The more water content, the better.

Spicy Foodindian spices

Say ‘NO’ to spicy food during the summer. Spices like chili, ginger, pepper, cumin seeds and Cinnamon are body heating as they are found to boost the rate of metabolism considerably and naturally have a heating effect on the body.


Red Meatnonvegetarian

Summer is not the time to tuck into rich gravies of mutton, beef, pork or even seafood. They hyper-activate the sweat glands & can also upset your stomach. Diarrhea can lead to a lot of fluids been drained out of the body causing dehydration.

Oily & Junk Foodjunk food

Junk food like burgers, fries, pizzas are a big ‘No’ for the summers as they become rather hard to digest during the summers. There is a higher possibility of getting food poisoning during the summers with these oil laden fried food items.

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