Festa italiana 2017 – Celebrating Timeless Italian Style – Parte Uno

Italy has always been a source of inspiration and elation for me. For me the country brings with it so much art and culture. I have an artist’s soul and it naturally gets drawn to a country with so much history around it. Having travelled to Milan on and off for work and pleasure, I can say that I am in complete awe of the country and its people. Italy as a country has it all… I enjoyed the art galleries, the beautiful churches, and the natural beauty of hills, meandering streams, heart warming sunrises and sunsets. I would like to call Italy the World’s Fashion Hub. People are always so impeccably dressed and carry themselves with such elegance and style; what can I say… the country has my heart. So even though my work was done there and I came back, I always kept a little light burning within me that I will return and revisit the conglomeration of art, beauty, food and wine the country has to offer.

So when the opportunity came knocking at my door to be a part of IICCI’s Festa Italiana 2017 project, I agreed to it pronto.

The Festa Italiana is an enterprise that brings together Italian brands under one roof, to celebrate Italy and all that it has to offer. This initiative is also a baby of the IICCI (Indo-Italian Chamber of Commerce). A week-long event, it started in Kolkata, and then proceeded to Bangalore, Chennai and now in Mumbai.

More recently IICCI (Indo Italian Chamber of Commerce & Industries) has initiated this wonderful idea of bringing together a community of Wine connoisseurs in India who share the passion and acumen towards learning about the Italian heritage and wine culture. Hence “Italics Wine Club” has been established in different Indian cities.ITALICS_WINE_CLUB

Even though I personally could not be a part of the Festa Italiana and the Italics Wine Club Masterclass in Kolkata and Bangalore events, I thoroughly enjoyed the 4 events that happened in Mumbai. We were a part of their Social Media Team and hence could enjoy every nuance of the event, be it the panel discussions, Showcasing of different brands, gala dinner or the fabulous wines. More events are coming up in Chennai and Kolkata.

Be still my beating heart, we shall discuss more about this incredible experience tomorrow.




  1. Pallavi says:

    I have visited Italy a couple times and I want to go again after reading this.

  2. Ronny Singh says:

    I missed this event. I would like to know the process of being in the club. It seems interesting.

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