Fatherhood Rewind: Unn zabardasti wale dino ke liye

Malini. The name itself had a sensuous tinge to it, not to mention the package that went along with it. She was the MVP of our college days. They call it Most Valuable Player, for us the terminology meant Most Voluptuous Phataka.

I never stood a chance with her, there were better hulks around. But we were “friends” and she was in touch with me via the Whatsapp group of Ex-collegians.

Today she called. Yes, Malini called me and dopamine went on a overdrive. She said ‘Hey, congratulations on becoming a father …”. I did not hear anything else. Dopamine applied for bankruptcy and few other organs that had stirred a lot, went to sleep.

Post delivery, I wasn’t sure if the mother or the father was more depressed. These were the zabardasti wale din – control your urges as its mamma baby time, its feeding time. I wish they had some remedy, a pill, a solution or anything for that matter which would calm down the libido. The brain knew it yet it seemed that it had a mind of its own. If there can be napkins for unn zaruri dino ke liye why not for males for unn zabardasti wale dino ke liye.

It is during such times that one tends to delve deeper into often used proverbs and sayings. One of my friend found the truth in ‘Sabra ka fal meetha hota hai‘.. Other found solace in ‘kar lo duniya mutthi main‘ … One went crazy with ‘koshish karnewalo ki haar nahi hoti’. The shocker for me was when a fellow father asked in an inebriated state ‘Is there any truth in saali aadhi gharwali?’. Thankfully before I could answer, a dear colleague who was also in high spirits replied ‘Yes, Thailand wali.’

CheekyMany like me resort to the 4 word mantra ‘This too shall pass’. That’s what life is all about. Moments are to be cherished. Fatherhood provides many such moments, memories that make you smile, make you introspect and wonder … Now, where did I go wrong in wooing Malini:)




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