Fatherhood Rewind: O baby, sleeping is injurious to health!

Offer to all parents – We’ll take care of your kid(s), pamper them with toys and games, give them a good meal (good is defined as healthy, tasty and some junk), make them sleep peacefully for few hours and above all YOU get to sleep! The offer is valid only for a day. First come, first serve. We are an organisation called ‘Lost sleep of the parents.’

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sleep_is_for_the_weak_imageSadly, there are currently no such services being offered and yet it is my firm belief that if someone ventures in this space, then it will be a profitable decision. With my half-closed or half-open (depends on whether you are an optimist or a pessimist) eyes, I’ve often reminisced Deepika’s and Sonakshi’s monologue from the movie Om Shanthi Om and Dabangg respectively and made my own version:

“Do ghante ki neend ki keemat tum kya jaano Ramesh babu”.

“Sapne dekhne se darr nahi lagta saab, raat main bacche ke rone se lagta hai”.

Over the years, we the evolution of a smart specie and yet not so smart when we decided to have kids in a nuclear setup, have figured ways to sleep.

Nothing is impossible sleep_deprived_dad_emotions_imageThe next time you see this lady or a guy dozing off uncontrollably in a crowded bus or even a local train, salute that personality. They have mastered the art of catching 40 winks even in the most confined spaces, oblivious to anything around them, swinging their necks to the rhythm of the vehicle movement and yet managing to keep it attached with the body. The brains are attuned to sending a signal to the eyes to shut down the minute the ass makes a touch down!

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity, an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty – This is my personal experience. A friend of mine who had just become a dad and was suffering from sleep pangs had a crisis at home. His dad had to be hospitalised for a minor surgery and someone had to stay overnight for 2 days. Even though I volunteered, he refused. After 2 days when I met him, I saw a visibly fresh, sleep infested individual, who enjoyed 2 nights in an AC environment of a 3-star hospital cum hotel. His dad would later complain that all his pleas for support to go the washroom, water got muzzled by the cacophony of his son’s snoring. So, the next time you see an ‘Item Dad’ who volunteers to do extra office work, go for onsite projects, help other relatives or friends .. be rest assured that there is a sleep siesta in the offing!

If you want to sleep, then sleep, don’t talk

On the sofa, on the chair, luxury would be sleeping on the bed,

I’ve got to sleep when no one’s there or till my wife sees red,

Even in my dreams, my boss, the diapers and the baby cries make me go mad,

Yet, when I wake up and see the cute one smiling, life ain’t so bad!


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