Everyday make up for working moms


So you are a mother with responsibilities and you are working! Every morning must be a race against time as you are doing 10 things or more at the same time. Once your breakfast and lunch is prepared, and your child is packed to school; now it’s your time to get ready and rush to work! Looking professional and presentable at work is a must; just because you have a child and every morning is a warzone at home does not mean you can look shabby to work.

Below is an 8-Step regime that would help you in getting the professional look that you want within minutes.

Before starting any makeup your skin has to be prepared. Having a clean canvas is very essential before doing any makeup!

Step 1

Clean your face with a cleanser and apply moisturizer with minimum spf 20. Also apply lip balm to moisturize your lips.

Step 2

Choose a light foundation which gives medium coverage unless you have a problem skin and need full coverage. The foundation shade should match your skin tone to give u a natural look. This helps to even out your skin tone.

Step 3

Investing in a good concealer may be the best gift for a new mom. It will make you look refreshed even when you are not. Concealer brightens up the eyes by covering up the dark circles and giving you the younger and refreshed look.

Step 4

Use face powder as that sets the makeup and makes it stay on for longer duration.

Step 5

Apply a neutral shade of eye shadow, curl the lashes and apply mascara. This opens up the eye and makes you look more awake.

Step 6
Define the eyebrows by filling them up with a brown pencil or powder. Use a gel based kohl pencil as a line.  It’s long lasting. (Only kohl pencils should be used in the waterline)

Step 7

Apply blusher; Pinks and corals suits the Indian skin tones

Step 8

Use lipstick; Mauve & nude shade of lipsticks with pink, orange & brown undertones look great. Some examples of the colors you would want to choose from;

  • Mac-Mocha
  • Lakme-129
  • Faces-First Lady
  • Maybelline-Summer Sunset
  • Avon-Peach Silk
  • Lakme-Pink Color

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