Enjoying The Summers…

We as parents spend most of our vacations at a holiday resort with our kids but there are times, when we cannot – work commitments or other issues may prevent us from taking that much needed family holiday. Yet, don’t lose heart, here is a list of interesting activities you and your kids will enjoy these summer vacation.

  • Collect pictures from all your earlier family trips, select the best and make a Photo Album to cherish all your life!
  • Join a Wildlife Club
  • Volunteer with an organization
  • Go for a family hike
  • Visit the zoo and make notes of Animal Behavior
  • Take a road trip to a nearby village
  • Try your hand at farming
  • Pack a picnic and relish it outdoors
  • Go for early morning ‘Bird Walks’
  • Grow your own Veggies and Flowering plants
  • Camp out at a safe campsite
  • Camp in, may be in your garden or on the terrace with sleeping bags or mats
  • Get a Learner’s Guide to Stargazing and have interesting sessions
  • Pluck berries, fruits and flowers from a farm or nature trails
  • Rearrange furniture at home; let the kids give their ideas too!
  • Decorate the kids room and let them help with yours as well
  • Try your hand at Pizza-making
  • Invite friends over for a ‘Game Night’
  • Have a Cook out session at a farm with fresh veggies or fish
  • Make ice-cream
  • Play at the beach
  • Create your own art with beach items
  • Learn to make Candles
  • Check for Fairs and attend if any
  • Visit the Museum and take notes
  • Go bicycling
  • Go fishing
  • Master a new skill together; Juggling, Magic, Musical Instruments, Painting or Sketching are good options.
  • String beads to make beautiful items
  • Find a new place to play in your home – clear up the basement, garage or the backyard.
  • Visit an old home. Let your kids marvel at the architecture, the antique furniture and the olden style of living.
  • Learn to make Chocolates
  • Learn to Bake
  • Go horse riding or take classes in it
  • Try your hand at kayaking or go paddle boating
  • Have a Garage Sale
  • Learn to make Lemonade
  • Fly a kite together
  • Visit the local farmer’s market. Let your kids learn of new vegetables and fruits
  • Take Hobby lessons together
  • Erect a Bird Feeder and arrange a Bird Bath
  • Create a Treasure Hunt and call neighbors too
  • Select a theme and make dough creations
  • Teach Grandparents to Skype
  • Learn to make Soap
  • Make your own Tree House/ Club House/ Doll House
  • Learn basic vehicle maintenance from a mechanic
  • Go Swimming in the lake or a swimming pool
  • Have a fancy dress party with friends and family
  • Make a collection of Nature Photographs
  • Take Photography classes

There are many things and more which you could do along with your family and enjoy your summer holidays without really taking a vacation or going out of town. After all, being together and cherish every moment with your loved ones is what matters the most!

A Happy Summer to you!

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