Daily Soap Opera and their BIG impact

Rishta naya soch nayi!…Kya ye hai humari soch? (New relationships new thinking! Is it true?)

Yes you guessed it right! The saga of DAILY SOAPS. I am NOT talking about one channel one show, but absolutely ALL of them. Over the top acting, cheesy dialogues, lavish set and costumes, pretension of relationships and most of all lack of script. Yet we watch! Why? For Entertainment? You gotta be kidding!

We watch -> High TRP -> $$$ for Show makers
We get Babaji ka…

You say, this is Entertainment, then at what cost?

Our Sanity: Aptitude defines the path to  success. What is on your mind is on your body. Think if a show is on your mind, what reflection it would make on your body/actions. For some really indulged ones, it skews their thought process to the point that they enjoy imbibing trickery/jealously in real, ending up losing their peace of mind.

Skewed agility and decisiveness: While watching no body parts workout. Brain might process signals from eyes and ears, yet that learning doesn’t improve on repetition. Brain ceases to learn causing fatigue to ears and eyes. With dinner table watching, that most people do, even saliva fails to produce, adversely affecting digestion. Procrastination seeps in.
Episodes are addiction. After one finishes you get the urge to next one. With no full stop to it, we let TRP rise, falsely communicating to show makers that we love their content. Which in turn leads to more soap in similar category. A vicious cycle.

Realism of life: On screen stories portray emotional relationships tarred with jealousy, greed and infidelity to the point of melodrama, taking away from reality. Indulging into which make us lag behind in responsibilities, accountabilities and life events. We start chasing happiness in materialistic things, making it our life status, yet forgetting to find happiness in togetherness of family and life amazements itself.

Quality, Quantity and Quiet (3Q) time: Few people watch to kill time, as they do not have anything to do. Come to think of it, if you take off your sleep time, office time and chores time from 24 hours of the day, there are hardly 6 leftover hours. Do you really want to kill that too?

It is your choice to decide what to do with the leftover hours. You can watch limitless shows that may not teach any life skills, and would rather drift away from them. Or you can spend some quality time with yourself, family or friends.  There is no age barrier to learn and enjoy. Do things that you have never done before – get that things to do before you die list out. Have dinner table talks and silly animal chases with your kids. Make and share memories. Time sure flies, but not as much when you fly with it.

If yours is one of those homes where TV is on 24×7 then your ears and your life needs break from noise pollution. Quiet time is important for building confidence, independence, self reflection, feeling of gratitude, creativity and unique thinking, focus and attention, relaxation for growing pupil. For adults quiet time is more important as it relieves stress, energizes and acts as long term disease preventer.

TV shows are never ending, never changing – story repeats within generations, nothing new in life of characters. By watching you ensure there is nothing new in yours. Look around, life doesn’t give a chance to RE live the time elapsed. Life has got wonders for ones who explore.

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