Curing The Block…

What to write? About my mistakes and lessons learned or Insecurities… Should I pour out my happy experiences or my funny ones?

curing-the-block-imageYou may generally write effortlessly, but there comes a time you just don’t know what to pen down. Your mind is numb and you are completely at a loss of ideas. These are definite symptoms that you are suffering from a common ailment called a ‘Writer’s Block’.

How does one cure this? What is the remedy? It’s not like you blink an eye and it just goes away.

Patience is the key. Just relax and don’t over think. Stop all thoughts that are driving you to think continuously about what subject to write on. Just don’t think in that direction. Take a break and let it go for sometime.

A relaxed and calm mind sometimes can lead you back to light. Slowly and surely ideas will come flowing back.

Your mind just like kids should be trained to focus on how to think and not what to think. You need to take some time off to replenish those grey cells.

Look for inspirations around — small things can lead to big things. To write is to put to paper your free flow of thoughts concerning a particular topic or an issue. Like all things in life, writing also requires regular upgrades by reading about topics, books and current affairs. This could help you put a finger on the pulse of the readers too.

Likewise for kids and flowers and all creatures you need to feed them with good material to help them grow and enrich themselves otherwise they could also face a roadblock on their path to development.

Introduce new things, topics and concepts slowly both verbally and visually to your mind and it shall help you open up to what subjects to write on. The same principle should be followed while teaching kids.

A stagnant mind is blocked to new ideas so keep reading and talking. Meeting new people and visiting new places will increase your exposure and help you to envisage topics to write.

curing-the-block-itemmom-imageSo when there is a block don’t panic just switch off whether with the kids finding it difficult to understand or you not being able to write or any kind of obstacle, let your mind go blank and then restart and see how the engines of your brain get back in motion.

Are you suffering a block? Stop and take a breather, switch off and then see how ideas come flooding your mind.

All the best in getting over all your blocks!!!


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  1. Leena Ramachandran says:

    Although I don’t comment on each article, I love reading your articles here. They are wonderfully written. Thanks…

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