Chicken pancakes


Prepration Time: 10 mins
Cook Time:        20 mins


  • Maida two heaped tbsps
  • Eggs two
  • Salt for pancake quarter tsp
  • Sugar for pancake half tsp
  • A little milk at room temperature
  • Minced chicken 250 grams
  • Chopped onion two tbsps
  • Chopped garlic one tsp
  • Green chilli sauce half tsp
  • White pepper powder half tsp
  • Soy sauce one tbspn
  • White vinegar half tsp
  • Salt half tsp
  • Oil approx two tbsps


  • In one tsp oil saute onion and garlic till pinkish in color
  • Add chicken and salt and stir fry till cooked
  • Add chille sauce, white pepper, soy sauce, vinegar and cook for a minute
  • Mix maida, eggs, sugar and salt together till all lumps of maida are removed
  • Add sufficient milk to make it a pouring consistency
  • Heat a non-stick pan
  • Drizzle a little oil and spread it all over the pan.
  • Take a ladle full of batter and pour it from the circumference to the center.
  • Spread the batter with the back of the ladle so that a thin layer is formed.
  • Very carefully lift it out onto a serving plate or turn the pan over to drop the pancake onto the plate
  • Put a vertical line of the chicken filling in the center of the pancake
  • Fold over both the sides and stick a toothpick in the center to keep in place
  • Serve hot

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