Celebrating Shakti

Festive season is on in its full splendour and colourful forms. Navratri being celebrated,Durga pujo by many. The  nine days of complete  importance to the goddess. The shakti within us.

So what  happens to the importance of the woman/goddess after this. It gets relegated  to the background in this man’s  world?

Why do we teach our  daughters to cook and not our sons? Survival skills need to be taught to all kids.

itemmom-celebrating-shaktiWhy do girls cover  up and boys can wear shorts and nothing else  and roam? We need to teach all our kids to dress decently  when the occasion arises and give equal freedom to wear whatever they want otherwise. Teach the boys and girls to respect each others choices

Why are women who drink or smoke thought to be frivolous and not the men if they do the same? Good character certificates  do not come tailor made for  non smokers and non drinkers. Many  a times devils come without vices and angels are covered in tattoos and piercings.  Appearances  can be deceptive  and this important lesson  is to be  imparted in society to all kids.

Girls come back  early and boys stay out late? Have the same time out for all kids , why the discrimination. Its not that only boys should have all the  fun.

Is marriage  a life goal of girls and just a stepping stone for boys? Let the kids choose their partners and let them decide they want marriage or not.  Its about compatibility  and companionship  not just procreation and getting a househelp. It needs to be a relation between two individuals  in agreement and in love not just to please  the elders.

Oh my god she does not want kids? Its a free choice.  No judgements should be passed.  It’s  your life. Bring in another being only if you want to not because  of societal  pressure.  It’s  a great responsibility after all.

If you worship shakti all year round then you need to respect  her all around you. It should not be just these  9- 10 days. It should be all year round. Celebrate the goddess and do it through spreading  the right messages to all kids of both genders. Its not just a girly or manly thing , its for all.

So celebrate this season of the  goddess and feel the positive shakti around you and pledge to respect and honour her choice, her opinion and her rights as equal in all her forms.celebrating-shakti-itemmom

Jai Mata Di! Jai Maa Durga!


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  1. Shonali Mitra says:

    I am visiting your site after a long time and this is the first article I read. Must say rather well written. I agree with each of the questions posed and its time that along with raising our daughters as sons we should also raise our sons like daughters. If you understand what I mean…

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