Celebrating an Eco-Friendly Ganpati…

So Ganpati is just around the corner and we are most excited to enjoy these 11 days of celebrations. Also since this is the only planet we can call home, we might as well pull our socks up and try to make it at least liveable by not adding on to the already colossal pollution levels.

Here are 6 ways that we can use to make this Ganesh Puja a little more ecological…

Eco Friendly Idols – The most commonly used material is POP (Plaster of paris). This is not a naturally occurring material which means it is not easily soluble, which in turn means clogged water bodies and increase in pollution level.  Opt for idols made with natural materials like clay and natural dyes.

Decoration & Puja Items – Try to use natural items like flowers and diyas for decorations. Items like ribbons, plastic, and thermocol cannot be recycled hence accumulate as reject waste. Also avoid getting plastic bags to the mandaps because they cannot be recycled either and adds on to the pollution.

Artificial water bodies for immersion – A large tank or an artificially created water body exclusively for this purpose is a great idea instead of immersing it ponds, wells and seas.

Prevent Noise pollution – It is most definite that Lord Ganpati will not prefer to listen to ‘item-numbers’ that too in an ear-splitting volume. Please be sensitive to other people’s comfort level as well. Loudspeakers affect hospitals, old age homes, and educational institutes. Speakers and microphones should be played between 6am and 10pm to follow the rules set.

Make compost – Remove all flowers and leaves before immersing the idol. Store them in a separate pot to make compost for your plants.

Prasad – Distribute all Prasad and other food items to the needy. That ways, they get something to eat and we are not wasting those items by immersing it with the idols.

Let us welcome Ganpati Bappa this year with love in our hearts and cleanliness on our minds…



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