Buying clothes for kids – Do’s & Don’ts!!!

Shopping for their little ones is a pleasure for all mothers. The colours, materials and styles used for Kiddie clothes make you feel like buying all off the rack! Not just do we feel that way, but our kids too!

Although we may consider the attractive ones or choose one from our child’s wish-list, it is important to pay attention to the functionality of those clothes as well. Here are a few tips that will help you choose the best for your kid.

  1. Before heading to the shopping mall, take a look at your kid’s wardrobe. Throw away all that is old and worn-out before making a list of what needs to be replaced and what more needs to be added. Doing so will help organise your shopping spree.
  2. baby-clothesCheck for styles, sizes and prices online once before you head to the shopping mall. Doing so will give you a better idea of what you are looking for and save you a lot of time too. You may check for deals and discounts on Baby products as well – online and at the store too.
  3. Make sure to buy a size larger as kids tend to grow fast and shall soon outgrow all their clothes!
  4. Always buy comfortable clothes that are easy to wear and to remove.
  5. Buying the same style in multiple colours is a good idea. It saves you a lot of time and confusion but don’t buy too many coz of the same reason – your kid will soon outgrow them!
  6. Always keep your quality standards high when buying for your little ones as cheap material, finish or accessories may hurt your child, especially babies and toddlers.
  7. Let cotton be your first preference. A child’s skin is sensitive and could be allergic to other fabrics.
  8. Pay attention to buttons, pins, labels or anything fancy attachments. They might poke your child or might loosen up over time, which could prove dangerous as children tend to put such things in their mouth.
  9. While buying hoodies and caps pay attention to the cord – it should be soft and not poke around your kid’s neck.
  10. Buy socks and mittens which are not too tight as they may affect blood circulation
  11. Shoes should be a bit larger but comfortable. Buying non-slip ones is a good idea.
  12. Winter wear should be bought for keeps – Get a bigger size, best quality and of a contemporary style.
  13. Do not rush to remove the tags. You might want to check if the size you picked up is fine or if what you purchased is comfy for your little one. If not, you do have an option of exchange!

Always look out for all the above pointers before deciding on what to buy – it will only help you choose the best for your child.


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  1. Suman Aggrawal says:

    Yes true. Buying clothes at least 2 sizes bigger is essential for toddlers.

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