Bonding with kids!!!

What according to you matters most to your kids? You taking their homework, watching T.V. with them or the smiles and hugs they receive from you when back home? If your answer was ‘Hugs and kisses’, you are absolutely right!

Small things parents do for their children matter much more to the kids than parents would ever know. Small gestures of making your child feel special go a long way. Mothers bake yummy cakes and goodies for their children and the kids feel good about it, no doubt. Now, imagine your child’s joy on learning that you have baked a Swiss Roll of his/ her choice, especially for him/ her!

Some mothers think that shuffling their entire day around the kid’s school, tuitions, sports and homework etc. taking them to classes and bringing them back and giving them everything they wished for themselves as a child, are all good signs of parenting, which the child too feels good about. Unfortunately, they are wrong.

Children today are involved in too many activities and spend very less quality time with their families and themselves too. They feel overextended, stressed and tired. What they really want is more time to just play, or read or spend more time with their hobbies. They would love it if, once in a while, they were allowed the freedom. They would be happiest if their feelings were considered too.

Here is a list of things kids love and remember about their parents. Things that parents must adopt.

  1. Serve nutritious food but with style. You may try a variety of cooking and serving styles.
  2. Discipline with a purpose and let the kid know the reason why.
  3. Help kids choose clothes while shopping, don’t buy what you like without taking their opinion.
  4. Spend quality time with your kid alone. Not always with their siblings.
  5. At Dinnertime, talk of what you could do together over the weekend.
  6. Watch knowledgeable T.V. programs with your kids; Discovery Channel and Nat Geo types.
  7. Talk to them in the free time about their lives, about world news or even about the neighbour’s.
  8. Tuck your kid into bed at night, talk of pleasant things or tell them stories of your childhood.
  9. Kiss them when they leave for school and hug them once back home.
  10. Leave special messages for them on the table, on the fridge and in Tiffin boxes.

Children see the world in simpler ways than we do. Feelings and emotions matter the most to them and we, as parents are a huge part of their small world. It is up to us to make their world special and that is what they expect from us, in their cute, special ways. Perhaps, it’s time we looked from their point of view and begin doing those little things which give them immense happiness and us, a lot of satisfaction.

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