Bonding with kids through projects/play

In continuation with my previous blog regarding the benefit of physical play over gaming, I would like to explore the idea of doing ‘projects’ in the form of play with our kids. One of my fondest childhood memories is that of completing my school projects with my Dad. Dad was an engineer and very adept at building projects. When I was younger, till primary school, he used to sit with me and help build most of my projects. By the time I was in middle school and higher I would take his guidance but complete my projects on my own. This taught me a lot, not only creativity but use of objects and placements. It also made me think out of the box and challenge myself every time a subject was presented to me.

_mg_0149I try and exercise this same methodology with my kid. He is just six years old so my involvement in creating projects or play items with him is greater in terms of execution. I involve him in whatever small capacity that I can in creating these handmade objects. I also always hear him out and include his point of view and ideas. Because of his love for all things boys, aka cars, one of his favourites is Art projects involving cars. To incorporate these two we end up building garages and parks for his prized possessions.

Building projects and play with kids would not only let them enter a world of creativity but it also creates a strong bond between the parent and child. It’s always exciting for them to ‘Build’ something with someone they love and trust the most in the world. While you may not be Picasso or Rob, you can always come up with interesting ideas that can be executed in the house on a weekend. You may use items that are easily available at home, or better still you can devise an art kit comprising of basic art materials.

This Hotwheels video of #MadStuffWithRob is an amazing example of what you can do with your child. We can pick ideas from this ‘Lava Blaze’ set-up that he has created for the car tracks. You can watch the video here:

_mg_0120Activities like adding a unique landscape to build a story around a series of connected track sets not only brings out amazing results of play but also enhances the creative bonding. Try this at home. It’s a lot of fun.

As a bonus, you all get to meet Rob of ‘Mad Stuff with Rob’ and witness some mind-blowing creativity where he will use more than 50 track set boxes and create one massive Hot wheels track installation comprising of different terrains – City, Desert, Volcano, Underwater & Forest.. Come over to Phoenix Market City Kurla on 13th November 2016 from 5pm to 7pm to witness the unveiling of this awe inspiring installation and meet Rob in person.

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