Basic Vastu Tips to follow before buying a home!


It is a matter of great happiness and pride when we finally buy or make our own home! So many things to consider then, EMI, Budget, possession and whether the home that we are buying is in accordance with Vastu!


What is Vastu?

Vastu Shashtra is the traditional Hindu system of architecture. It is based on the principles that are formulated by integrating architecture with nature, geometric patterns and symmetry. These principles or guidelines are the actual science behind the architecture and if applied accurately will provide a well-ventilated and a well-designed living space. Most new constructions are usually designed in accordance with Vastu.

You do not need to employ a Vastu expert to get your property checked. These basic tips will help you find your perfect dream home!



In case you are buying a flat then the entrance of the building is to be considered as your home’s Entrance. As per the guidelines, preferred entry should be from north or north east. South or west entry should be avoided because from this direction afternoon infrared rays enter into your apartment, which is injurious to health.

Ventilation & Sunlight

To ensure that there is ample sunlight coming into the house and that the house has good cross ventilation, a North or East-facing flat with windows and balconies in either of these two directions is ideal. Center of the flat should be uncluttered and unobstructed; hence it is advisable that bed rooms, kitchen or toilets should not be placed in the center of the home.


Drainage pipes should have their way in West, North or North-west.


Kitchen should be in the South-east direction.


Vastu Shastra demands that the toilets should be placed in south-west corner or in south west direction of the apartment.

Water Tanks

The water tanks must be placed in the north-eastern corner of the roof in a multistoried building. The reason being early morning sun rays are rich with ultraviolet rays which help in purifying the water.  Also it is advisable to use plastic storage tanks only if they are NSF approved. You will still need to run it through a filtration system for your safety.

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