Balancing Act between your children


Every child is unique and so should be your routine to handle each one of them. Initial months may be seemingly difficult with a wailing infant and a toddler in tow. Keep in mind 3 basic things that you need to do in these initial months.

  1. Feed your children when they are hungry.
  2. Sleep as much as possible. (Make sure both kids are safe!)
  3. Hug, smile, and love all over these little blessings.
  4. Always keep in mind that you are not a bad mother just because your baby cries for more than a few minutes & the toddler watches TV; because these things are bound to happen.

The following tips may be a little helpful for you when you are at your wit’s end.


  • Set a routine  – Children need to know what is going to happen & what to expect and when. A solid, predictable bedtime routine is needed to maintain harmony of the household.
  • Divide the chores – There are no set rules of how to deal with multiple children when they seek your attention at the same time. However, dividing the infant’s chores between you and your partner may give you that extra time that your other child may need from you.
  • Cue in the older child –  Help him/her start to see some of the changes coming. Teach him/her how new babies need a lot of time and attention, but reassure that he/she will still be special and you still love him.Have your toddler help you get the nursery ready for the baby by folding baby’s clothes, arranging diapers, etc.  Let your toddler pick out a new stuffed animal to go in baby’s room.
  • Find a friend – Join a mother’s support group. There are other people who are probably in the same boat as you are and sharing helps.


Your role as parents is to help your kids find the tools to live harmoniously and to feel comfortable with their own strengths and weaknesses.  The road may be difficult but the end result is worth it.

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