Awestruck by Tracks


The excitement to meet Rob from Mad Stuff with Rob was equally shared by my kid and I. My kid has been Rob’s fan for the longest time, watching his show on TV and trying to experiment with things Rob teaches. I, on the other hand, am amazed with how Rob puts stuff together to create brilliant pieces of Art. I think he is a genius.img_7127


So when I was invited by Hot Wheels to attend the event at Phoenix Marketcity, my excitement knew no bounds. When we reached the venue the set-up was awe-inspiring. The kids were scrambling over each other to play with the tracks. Kiddo forgot about me for a good 2 hours that he was involved in playing with the various tracks on display. That, my friends, is a total win. Psst! I wouldn’t mind my kid engaged in a track game for a few hours which would give me some me-time in-turn. Sigh! (Also, I am suffering from a high dose of kid’s vacation time at the moment.)




img_7120Getting back to the topic on hand… One after the other we got to sample every track that Hot Wheels offers in this collection, each one more exciting than the other. Why don’t you guys watch this video and experience what we experienced at the event.


Rob played each track with individual sets of kids, so everyone got a chance to play with him and experience the tracks. The kids were also super excited to win on-spot prizes. The finale was an opportunity to get instant photographs with Rob that I know my kid (and me) would cherish for the longest time (I played to blogger card to get myself in the ‘only for kids’ photographs). Overall it was an enthralling experience to see what amazing things one can do if you just put a fascinating track and a creative mind together.


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