Are You An “Ideal Indian Woman”????

Dear Readers,

Do you consider yourselves “ideal women” or are you a “bad person” or an “out-of-control women influenced by the big bad Western culture”? Just in case you are super confused about your status in the society, given below are the traits you must possess to achieve the mantle of “ideal woman” in India.

Journey of an ideal woman from birth:

  • Obedient daughter
  • Good sibling
  • Best student
  • Sanskari single person
  • Compliant wife
  • Exemplary bahu
  • Helicopter parent
  • Dead

An ideal woman should have no ambition of her own. She should, at all times, be controlled by Father or uncles before marriage, husbands and in-laws after marriage and lastly by grown up sons.

Before she is married, she should not look at any man with “that” intention and after marriage should live to satisfy husband. She can have no personal carnal needs or desires. When her in-laws ‘allow’ her to wear whatever she wants, she should be able to voluntarily give up everything and pick up saaris as her forever couture. Her life’s aim should be;

  • To make husband and in laws happy
  • To produce either a son or maybe 2 children

She should have no voice to raise in case her family harms her. She should handle everything at home with utmost dexterity – her kids, their school work, tiffin, cleaning the house, kitchen work and other outside work like paying bills, getting groceries and every other thing, but she should not look tired or sweaty. When guests come in she should look epitome of Indian beauty and welcoming (in a sanskari way).

In conclusion, if you fit the bill of the matrimonial ad of “a fair-skinned, English medium educated, homely Indian girl” and you lack confidence, self-respect, ambition or a voice of your own, you are the ideal woman and will do just fine in the man’s world. 

NOTE: In case you missed the point, this piece is laced with venomous sarcasm!!!!!


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