Aftermath of Mother’s Day!

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and we all were at our best behaviour with our mums. We chipped in for the housework, showered her with hugs and kisses, took her out for lunch or dinner, got her a gift and what not’s.

itemmom_sohini_maitra_imageLike everyone I too am a sucker for a celebratory day dedicated to moms. However, since my mommy and I are separated by zip codes, I did whatever was possible from faraway. I gave her a call and woke her up real early on a Sunday morning!!! Then I sent her some cards and gifs on her cell. I also bought her an online gift but mislabelled the address so the gift came to me in Mumbai and not to her in Patna… SIGH!!!!! (I am beginning to think that I have become a scatterbrain).

Anyhoo… despite all my silliness she forgave me and sounded happy (that too I think because her brother was visiting her)… Anyways, what got me thinking was today I picked up the phone in the morning to call her like yesterday but decided against it thinking I will talk to her at our usual time only…

Now my question to you is are we behaving the same nice way with our moms today as well or are we back to square one wherein she has to do the chores all by herself. We get back to our entitled self expecting breakfast, lunch and dinner to be served to us by her or are we still chipping in today?

I have had the misfortune of seeing one of my acquaintances behave exceedingly well to her mom and mom-in-law on Mother’s Day. She had taken them out for lunch and bought them some gifts. I was wondering why she would go out of the way to be nice to these ladies when normally she does not give two hoots about them. It was later when I figured out that all that was done for photo-proof for her social media pages (knowing her well, her actions made sense to me after the realization).

Now my last question and observation! Why do we need a special day to be nice to our mothers? That woman has spent her entire life (since we were born) looking after us, caring and worrying for us and most importantly loving us even when we were at our worst and unlovable.



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