50 Things a child must know while growing up!


Morals and values are very important part of parenting and every parent’s responsibility. Here are some thoughts which parents should inculcate in their child’s upbringing. Following these guidelines themselves and making their kids follow the same, parents shall strengthen the very roots of their child’s character.

  1. Treat everyone with respect.
  2. Appreciate one’s family, teachers and school.
  3. Laughing at funny things is good but never laugh at anybody.
  4. Having fun is okay but never to make fun of anybody.
  5. Stand-up for the ill-treated.
  6. Never indulge in gossip.
  7. Say nothing if you have nothing good or kind to say.
  8. Treat others the way you want to be treated.
  9. In order to have friends, be a friend first.
  10. What one speaks and how, tells a lot about the person.
  11. Listen before you speak.
  12. Paying attention when others speak, means you care about them.
  13. Be grateful for what you have, many don’t.
  14. Sharing makes us feel good about ourselves and makes them feel good too.
  15. Be polite, wait for your turn and say “Please” and “Thank you” more often.
  16. Be the first to smile at people and watch them smile back.
  17. Appreciate what you like in people and let them know about it.
  18. Everyone has ‘good’ and ‘bad’ feelings.
  19. Being honest is a great feeling – no cheating, no stealing.
  20. Trust is gained – Never lie, no matter what.
  21. Trust lost – is hard to be regained.
  22. Before doing something, ask yourself whether it is ‘Safe’ or if your parents would approve.
  23. Think before you act. Our actions affect how others treat us.
  24. Using manners helps us make and keep friends.
  25. Cheer up a sad friend.
  26. When we are sad ourselves, thinking of the good things we have makes us feel better.
  27. Making smart choices is good for us.
  28. By using time wisely, there is enough time to do what we want to do.
  29. Eating healthy food, exercise and enough rest is the only way to stay fit.
  30. Learn to try out or learn something new every day.
  31. When things go wrong, think of ways to make them right.
  32. No work is small – treat all jobs and duties with the same amount of respect.
  33. Believe you are the one to perform important tasks.
  34. Work out problems without hurting others or yourself.
  35. Do not give up – keep trying until you get it right.
  36. Everyone makes mistakes. Forgive quickly – yourself and others too.
  37. Use self-control when angry.
  38. Never make fake promises.
  39. Do what you said you will. Be responsible for your words and actions as well.
  40. Deliver more than expected of you.
  41. Be punctual, don’t keep others waiting.
  42. Buy only what you need and save the rest.
  43. Always follow rules – on road, at camp or in school – everywhere!
  44. Be original. Don’t try to be like someone else.
  45. How I look is not as important as I behave.
  46. Volunteer to help others – be a good citizen.
  47. Care for Nature by not littering, conserving and recycling what you can.
  48. Make a habit of writing a Diary – penning down feelings makes us know ourselves better.
  49. Plan ahead – think of what you want to be when you grow up.
  50. Hold on to your family in times of need, in happiness and in success.


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