5 Things To Make Him Notice You

There are so many articles about what to do and what not do so that he finally notices you and falls head over heels in love with you so he can swish you away on his hypothetical white horse in a glorious world that has unicorns prancing around. Wake up. So this list is the ultimate in what you can do for the man of our dreams to notice you. Just follow what I say to the T and all men, I mean the one/s you desire would choose you and only you.

  1. Be yourself – Now this is the most important point in the list. He may not notice anything else but if you are you then he will notice you.
  2. Be yourself – You still don’t believe me? You are the most comfortable being you right? Then just be that, don’t try on anything else.
  3. Be yourself – Really. I swear this works. So if your life depends on the validation of some man (or woman) that you have been eyeing and you really want to have him/her then just be what you are best at. Yourself.
  4. Be yourself –  You know I have been irritated with all the listicles that these high selling magazines are making and having women do things that aren’t really necessary. A lot of women are very insecure in how they look so why add fuel to the fire? Listen girl, anyone who wants you would want you for who you are. Period.
  5. Be yourself – This is the best for the last advice, be yourself. Honestly, don’t fall for these stupid lists written by people who want to only add to your agony. Be confident in yourself and who you are, nothing is a greater turn on than a woman being confident in herself.

You know what, I really hate these listicles that tell women what they should and shouldn’t do to attract a man’s attention. It is assumed that the woman’s existence on planet earth is to only entice a man, sorry folks, there is much more to us. Even if one likes to dress up, let it be to please yourself, trust me no one is more worth the effort than you put to do things that matter for yourself, or for the people close to you. If that one person is not noticing you, then he/she is probably not worth it. You would find someone who would effortlessly get charmed by all that you have to offer and not amount, trust me no amount of fretting over, almond eyes and bow shaped lips and flat abs would entrap another person’s love for you.

I read this one list that popped up on one of my social media accounts that spoke about 10 things you must have to attract a man’s attention. It annoyed me to no extent. The list was so thoughtless, it listed high heels as one of the essentials so that ‘he’ can notice you. I pity the ability of the author to operate in real world. It is sad that a lot of women fall for these stupid lists and then agonize over their self worth and self-esteem. I hope that publications that approve of such ill-advised blogs/articles take notice and work on creating a better and conducive where knowledge/ideas thrive and better sense prevails.

If you are referring to these lists for the love of the ‘chase’ or to be the ‘tease’ then carry-on, but besides that there is no wisdom in those imbecile lists.

Picture Courtesy- Hindustan Times

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