5 Things That Were Weird In The 90s And Are In Vogue Now

Things were way different back in the 90’s. Even though we felt that teachers and parents were being super strict with us, in retrospect, we must realize that lives were much simpler.

Whether it was clothes, hairstyles, makeup, music, attitude, products etc, everything was in complete contrast to what they are now. Albeit some trends in fashion are coming back with a bang, yet many things that were acceptable back then are considered weird now and vice versa.

Below are 5 of such things that were considered a laughing matter or unacceptable back then but now are in vogue…


sheldon cooper

No one thought Sheldon Cooper could be termed as a famous person back in the 90’s. He is not only loved by millions but many would want to be like him.
Even the show narrates how back in his school days he was bullied and alienated by his class mates.



No one would give a second thought to a person walking on the street and talking to no one in particular in mid air. We know that he is speaking with someone on phone and he might have a Bluetooth or wireless mic to speak with. Now rewind to the 90’s and imagine a person walking with a yay big mobile phone slapped across his face. He would definitely be the butt of few jokes.

Clicking selfies


Clicking selfies in washrooms and other weird situations has become a matter of fact situation. However, when mobiles stated becoming regular phenomena, clicking selfies especially in the washroom and with a duck face would have made people laugh out loud

Living together

living together

Back in the 90’s and may be even in early 2000, at least in India, living together without marriage was largely frowned upon. Even though some people still find it offensive to their khandaan (not sure why), but largely couples are increasingly open to the idea nowadays.

Carrying laptops to classes


In the 90s if someone took a laptop to class, he/she would been called a show-off or a spoilt brat for making others feel inadequate. But hey!!! It’s all cool now… everyone has a notepad/lappie/ipad etc to bring to class.

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