5 Things A Girl Must Know…

We are all aware that the World is not an ideal place to live right now, and yet we are here and we need to make the best of it. So to make ourselves more competent and self sufficient for a smoother running of daily lives, these are 5 basic things that are imperative.


Martial Art


Any sort of self defence class is necessary with the rise of molestation and worse happening in today’s society. And knowing is not enough, but practicing it regularly to keep up is as important too.

Importance of Cyber privacy

cyber privacy

We all like to share our gamut of selfies, location and checked in places. We also do whole lot monetary transactions on the net. Learning and understand cyber privacy and security is essential. We definitely would not want ourselves to be left vulnerable financially, socially or personally for cyber predators or otherwise.

How to use basic tools in your tool box


Being independent, living on our own and being free is today’s mantra. But if we do not know how to use a wrench or a drilling machine then we are not self sufficient. It always helps to know the tools in your box work.

First Aid/CPR


Without a doubt this is one of the most important things all of us need to learn.



Be it a bike or a scooter or a car, we must know how to drive/ride a vehicle; if not for everyday use, then for emergency sake.


We are our own superheroes. It is erroneous to rely on others and expect them to drop their lives and come running to your aid at the drop of a hat.


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