5 Fun activities for families to do over the weekend

Parent child bonding is of paramount importance, so here are 5 things that you can do with your child on weekends. This would be a break for the kids from their daily routine and have some fun times with mommy and daddy.

Visiting a shelter – As a family you could visit any nearby animal shelter and help them with walking, feeding, bathing the animals. THis will not only help in family bonding but also will teach the children how to behave with the animals and being kind to them.

Cooking together – This could be cooking or baking. When children are involved in such important activities they get a sense of responsibility and pride that they are important and of course the fun is unlimited.


Draw together – Just sitting with the kids and having a good time sketching and filling colours can be fun bonding.

Make a bird feeder – Check out the simple instructions of making  bird feeders and follow the them to make DIY bird feeders. Along with bonding, this also teaches kindness towards others.

Watch a movie together – Make a list of movies that you and your kids would want to watch and weekends can be turned into movie afternoons or movie nights.

Let us know in the comments section below how you would prefer spending your weekends with your family…

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